Guests collect their props and enter the booth. Invariably, before and during the photo capturing process they dance, pose, and enjoy our slow motion-friendly props. While doing so, there is a high-speed camera rolling to not miss a moment.

Photographs are taken for your guests to take away, or to use in your guestbook.

Footage from your event is edited into a highlight reel (as per the example video on this page), set to your chosen style of music and sent to you no later than 7 days after your event.



Everything listed on this page + 3 hours booth time for just £350.

If you’d like to discuss a bespoke package, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if we can help!



You want your event to be special, so we designed the booth to give you options. Here’s what to expect from our Slow Mo Booth and what elements can be tailored by you.

A Beautiful booth: It’s not your standard plastic / branded photo booth. It’s safe to say, our pipe and drape system won’t be the ugly ducking of your wedding!

It’s Sociable: Forget your 2-3 person booths, you want to see your guests having fun together.

Powerful tech: Our camera and LED lights allows us to capture HD quality video at amazingly high frame rates.

Photographs: It’s not just video. We also photograph your guests so they have something to take away from your event. Prints can be hard-back only, printed on self-adhesive paper to use in a guest book, or one of each (for an additional £10).

Friendly, interactive operatives: Our operatives will help put your guests at ease, as well as offer gentle direction if needed.

Fun props: Don’t expect just your normal photo booth props with us… But understanding your wedding or party may have a theme we give you a choice of type of props at your event.

Backdrops: To help make your event unique you can choose from a range of backgrounds for your video and photos (see below).

Optional extras:

  • Additional confetti items
  • Additional time
  • Bespoke props
  • Bespoke backdrops
  • All unedited rendered and sent